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Roland Martin Takes Shot at The Blaze's Will Cain Over Climate Change on CNN: 'Deal With Reality!


Ever get frustrated that climate change alarmists try to paint conservatives who do not buy into man-made global warming as science-deniers and "flat-earthers?" That's precisely what happened with The Blaze's Will Cain on CNN on Thursday, and when he called fellow CNN guest Roland Martin out on it, things got heated.

The pair was discussing a recent Obama interview in which the president indicated he would be pivoting to climate change during the election cycle. "Okay so liberals might be rejoicing, Roland Martin,” host Carol Costello said. “But some might say, why get into all of that when it’s the economy, it’s always about the economy?”

Martin opened by essentially saying Republicans want to deny science. But Cain wasn't having any of it. Mediaite has the transcript:

“It’s a very interesting admission by President Obama in that article that he recognizes the number one issue among voters is the economy,” Cain noted. “He won’t forget or let you forget that he spent the first six months debating a cap and trade bill on carbon emissions and restructuring one-sixth of the American economy on health care. He’ll double down this election cycle and talk about the climate again. Where is this importance of the economy that he recognizes that voters see? I don’t understand his dedication to that, Carol, let me say this why is this hot button? Because of this right here. There’s no debate the climate is changing. It would be odd if it didn’t. The debate is whether man is contributing to that change and we can do anything significant to affect that change and whether what we can do to affect possible man-made climate change is worth the cost. We won’t have that elevated debate. We won’t have those. We’ll listen to critical thinkers like Deborah Wasserman Schultz or Chris Matthews saying Republicans don’t believe in science and we’ll be done.” [Emphasis added]

When Cain introduced a thought experiment that suggested dealing with the idea of what would happen if we put everyone on the planet out of work to work on reversing climate change, Marten responded with a personal jab.

“That is the nonsense when we this this debate,” he said. “When you say put everyone out of work, that is a nonsensical statement. So Will, don’t do the histrionics and try to earn an Academy Award right now for acting. Deal with reality!”

You can watch the blow-by-blow below:

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