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Anarchy 101': Shock Report Details Leftist Tactics in Wisconsin


"It reveals how the unions (WEAC in particular) encouraged teachers to abandon students and bolt from their classrooms."

A new report from EAGnews.org titled "Anarchy 101: How Wisconsin's Left Embraces Chaos" exposes who and what was behind the demonstrations and tactics used to block Gov. Scott Walker's (R-WI) controversial labor reforms.

As the Gateway Pundit notes, it’s almost impossible to watch the video and not see the striking similarities between what happened in Wisconsin and what's going on right now with the "grassroots" Occupy Wall Street movement.

EAGnews.org reports:

[…] far-left activists with the Liberty Tree Foundation began plotting their anti-Walker strategy in December 2010 – a month before he was even sworn in, and well before budget reforms were even announced. It shows how the goal was much broader than simply protecting “worker rights” in the state. The idea for many radicals was to make Wisconsin part of a broader global struggle against capitalism.

[The] video also reveals how the “mainstream” labor unions never denounced the death threats, intimidating tactics, or the destruction of public property. It reveals how the unions (WEAC in particular) encouraged teachers to abandon students and bolt from their classrooms.


The anti-Walker campaign has involved legislators fleeing the state, death threats, intimidation, destruction of property and utter contempt for any whiff of civility. It represented a new paradigm in political discourse: “The ends justify the means.”

It was a glimpse into the Occupy Wall Street protests which would occur 8 months later.

So why haven't union leaders or their political allies condemned this type of behavior?

“The radicals bring the heat and you need the heat to keep the passions inflamed for this long,” Brian Fraley of the MacIver Institute told EAGnews.org.

“They had to keep this going for over a year in order to accomplish the recalls, so they’ll take any ally that they can use and tap into that energy,” he adds.

And in honor of “May Day”:

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