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Cast of the 'West Wing' Reunites to Mock Itself in 'Funny or Die' PSA


"...the actors reprise their roles so perfectly"

Personally, I was never too keen on NBC’s “The West Wing.”


Because I felt the show was less about the intricacies of American politics and more about people yelling political jargon at each other while running down hallways. And that crack analysis of the show is by no means original: many have said the same thing.

In fact, the “walking and talking” characterization has become such a commonly accepted stereotype that even the cast members have a good laugh at it.

In the following Funny or Die video, co-sponsored by Every Body Walk!, original cast members of “The West Wing” deliver a hilarious PSA about the benefits of walking all while “doing what they do best” -- walking and talking.

“[T]he actors reprise their roles so perfectly, we would have thought it was just another recycled clip if it weren't for Martin Sheen's unfortunate aging,” writes Business Insider’s Grace Wyler.

Here’s the clip via Funny or Die:

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