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FlyRights' App Allows for Instant Reporting of Profiling by TSA Before You 'Lose Motivation


"a quick and easy way to report complaints of air travel discrimination in real time."

If you fear you've been the victim of profiling, a brand new app for Android and iPhones will soon provide "a quick and easy way to report complaints of air travel discrimination in real time."

NPR has more on FlyRights, which will be available on April 30:

The app is the work of civil rights groups led by The Sikh Coalition. Amardeep Singh, co-founder of the Coalition, says the idea came from Sikh entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley who felt they were being stopped unfairly at airports, too often.

"They literally said to one of our staff members, 'There should be an app for that'," Amardeep said. "We thought, great idea, let's start working on it."

The app has already been tested with the TSA. Amardeep hopes the app will encourage more people to file complaints so that there is more accurate data on improper screening.

NPR explains that the idea for the app stemmed from the profiling groups like the United Sikhs believed was associated with cultural clothing like turbans. It states there are three levels of a screening for men wearing turbans and if they are asked to remove it, it is considered highly offensive. Hansdeep Singh, director of United Sikhs, said there is "no way, no policy or screening method for us to go through that doesn't literally strip us of our dignity, each time."

And it's not just turban-wearing cultures that seem to be singled out. NPR notes any sort of headwrap or bulky clothing can be a target for additional scrutiny. TSA acknowledged this and said those wearing items such as this should "know they may be subject to additional screening." TSA spokesperson Kawika Riley said this is not racial, ethnic or religious profiling.

The app will also apply for those who think they've been singled out to do a disability.

Either way, Singh said having an app such as FlyRights will allow you to make your complaint before you "lose motivation to file that complaint after time goes by."

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