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Think You Know Glenn Beck? Check Out This Brief History of How He Got Into The Radio Business


"The big break, I guess, there was one when I was 13-years old."

Many Blaze readers are familiar with Glenn Beck’s beliefs and the causes he fights for, but how many people know the story behind how he got into the business?

In MediabistroTV’s latest installment of “My First Big Break,” Beck recalls some of the pivotal moments in his professional career.

“The big break, I guess, there was one when I was 13-years old,” Beck said, “I won a contest to be on the radio for an hour. You gotta’ believe it was a bad radio station. It was a local radio station. It was KBRC in Mount Vernon and it was the one that I used to listen to in my father’s bakery when we were working at the shop.

"I just wanted to be a disk jockey,” he added.Beck taped his hour-long radio session and brought it to another local station. They hired him.

“The rest is really kinda’ bad, crappy history,” Beck said. “But history nonetheless.”

For instance, did you know that in 1999 he almost quit radio to go to cooking school?It’s true!

If it weren’t for his father urging him to pursue things he cared about, to talk about things of "personal significance," Beck probably would’ve abandoned radio altogether.

You know what happens next: Beck found his “professional voice” and landed a syndicated talk show with Premier Radio Networks. The talk show eventually led to a show on Fox News and Fox News led to the GBTV empire.

Basically, it’s Keith Olbermann’s career in reverse.

Watch Glenn Beck on MediabistroTV’s “My First Big Break”:

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