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University Creates Gender-Neutral Bathrooms After Alleged Black Panther Supporter Goes on Hunger Strike to Demand Them


Gender-neutral bathrooms have become a priority at The University of Minnesota-Duluth in Duluth, Minnesota, after student Blair Moses reportedly began a hunger strike. His goal? To convince the school's administration that they are of paramount necessity. Moses allegedly stated that gender-specific bathrooms are "oppressive" and problematic, thus he took some curious avenues to ensure that more flexible facilities would be installed.

Last month, the student reportedly sent a letter to the school stating that if his demands were not met for more equitable lavatories by April 26, he would begin a three-week hunger strike. According to's Oliver Darcy, Moses insisted in his note that the university "take immediate action to begin the process of designating more gender neutral bathrooms." He also maintained that officials needed to announce the change once it was implemented.

Making good on his word, the student uploaded a video to YouTube late in the day on April 26. In it, he claimed that he hadn't eaten all day and that he was "sweating" as a result of a lack of nourishment. According to Darcy, the video likely made an impact.

On April 27, just one day after it was posted, the university apparently agreed to both of Moses' demands. Darcy reports:

Chancellor Lendley C. Black issued a campus-wide e-mail stating the school would take "immediate steps" to resolve the issue and would "provide two gender neutral restrooms" in the student center. Additionally, he pledged that all new construction projects and remodels would include at least one gender neutral restroom.

Lucy Kragness, the chancellor's Chief of Staff, initially denied knowledge of Moses's hunger strike, when contacted by Campus Reform on Wednesday. However, when presented with evidence, she acknowledged the strike but refused to offer comment.

Moses was not reachable by Campus Reform for comment. And, curiously, the alleged video he created to announce and publicize his hunger strike has now been made "private" on YouTube.

It should be noted that The Blaze has covered Moses before. In September 2011, Campus Reform published a video of the alleged Black Panther supporter. In the clip, he gets into a verbal altercation with Phil Cleary, a man handing out U.S. Constitutions in honor of Constitution Day.

Here's the video:

In the video, Moses said that he would "exercise" his Second Amendment rights if Clearly ever attacked the campus's multicultural center. He also said, “I don’t even believe in the Constitution.”

Update: was able to secure the video clip that was made private following the publication of the group's original story about gender-neutral restrooms. You can view it here.

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