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Shock Video: Man Repeatedly Robbed After Passing Out on NY Sidewalk


"Nobody knows if he’s sick. Nobody knows if he’s hurt."

Rather than offering a helping hand to someone clearly in need, countless individuals repeatedly robbed a man whom they found passed out on a Port Chester, New York, sidewalk. The bizarre incidents were captured on video and suspects are currently being sought by police, as some in the local community express outrage and surprise at the lack of humanity observed in the footage.

Instead of phoning paramedics to get assistance for the man, local bar patrons stole a chain off of his neck, snatched his belt, purportedly stole a watch -- and took everything and anything they could get their hands on. The troubling scene is disheartening, especially considering that no one robbing 38-year-old Sergio Palacios knew the status of his condition.

Police officers are vocally outraged at what the video showcases, as they claim to be going over the video in an effort to find the culprits and bring them to justice. Port Chester Police Chief Joseph Krezeminski, for one, is infuriated.

“People are rifling through his pockets looking for valuables. At one point he has a watch on; then he doesn’t have it," Krezeminski told CBS New York. "Maybe after the first or second attempt there was no more to steal."

And the police chief isn't alone in his frustration over what occurred. Sean McNerney, the man who recorded the video and alerted authorities, was equally troubled by what he saw.

Watch some of the footage, below:

"This poor man," McNerney said in an interview with CBS New York. "Nobody knows if he’s sick. Nobody knows if he’s hurt."

Now here's the real shocker -- even after the robberies, Palacios remained passed out on the sidewalk for hours. From just before 2:30 a.m. to just before 6 a.m. on the morning of the incident, no one came to his rescue. When the man awoke, he staggered into a neighbor's backyard. The homeowner called the police and, startlingly, the man -- who had been stripped of his wallet and all of his belongings -- was arrested for trespassing.

Authorities are currently looking into potentially dropping the trespassing charge, as they seek out those individuals who robbed Palacios. Currently, police are also doing an internal investigation to see how it's possible that no patrol cars noticed the man as he lay outdoors, prone to attacks and robberies throughout the night.

(H/T: CBS New York)

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