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Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Jeb Bush Clash in Heated Budget Committee Hearing


Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush does not make it up to Capitol Hill as frequently as other family members. Based on his reception Friday, the popular former governor may not return soon.

Bush was invited by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan to speak on the House Republican budget and removing barriers to free enterprise. At the hearing, the potential Vice Presidential candidate testified on a wide range of issues, and was met with a list of aggressive questions from another powerful Sunshine State politician, DNC Chairwomen; Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Mediaite reports that Wasserman Schultz spent four minutes grilling Bush for his decision as governor to use tax dollars to lure the private research institute Scripps to Florida, rather than spending more on public education or healthcare. Wasserman Schultz said the deal cost the state more than a million dollars per job created, and said similar policy is double-downed in the "Romney-Ryan budget plan" that benefits large corporations and the wealthiest Americans.

Throughout the questioning, body language from both Floridians suggested neither were thrilled to be in the other's prescence.

In the midst of the lecture, Ryan asked if Wasserman Schultz would allow Bush to respond. To this, the DNC chairwomen answered "I'm trying," and then requested seconds added to her time as retribution for Ryan's interruption. At the end of questioning, Ryan joked “Welcome to the budget committee, Governor Bush."

Following Wasserman Schultz's questioning, Bush did not back away from the Scripps decision, clarifying that it was a good idea to spur innovation and was hit by the downturn of the economy. Bush also noted that Wasserman Schultz has often flip-flopped her opinion on the initiative.

"It is a premier not-for-profit research institute that does world-class research. The accountability that you voted for — I’m glad that you voted for it," Bush said. "You weren’t against it before you were for it, you were for it before you were against it. Now I’m happy that we had your vote."

After Bush clarified that he had finished his answer at the end of heated back-and-forth, the former Florida governor drew laughs from Republicans when he snickered "It's a joy to be here."

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