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Do You Want to Hear the 'Soundtrack of a Revolution'?


Kalai is a Hawaiian-born, Alaska-raised singer, songwriter and composer who, despite being born with birth defect that has affected his left hand, is managing to thrive as a full-scale guitarist and recording artist. His father, also a musician was ran a plumbing shop, while his mother worked for the school district. The entrepreneurial spirit, for Kalai, was imparted by those in his family who ran small businesses.

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According to his bio, Kalai began singing even before he even learned to walk. His guitar-training came later on, at age 15, where he would practice up to ten hour per day. This feat was made doubly compelling by the fact that Kalai's hand needs to be kept gloved and bandaged -- an obvious impediment  for a guitarist. Nonetheless, he aptly plays the guitar, along with drums, banjo, mandolin, and slide guitar.

Kalai, who now lives in Utah, is a practicing Christian and is married with children.  While he was approached by three different record labels, Kalai wanted to remain independent.  He dubs himself the "lemonade stand kid" based on his entrepreneurial.

Glenn Beck featured Kalai's story as part of the final component of his new, four-step initiative to reclaim America. Thursday evening was dedicated to "creating" in the fields of arts and music.

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