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Did Sen. Grassley Issue an Expletive When His iPhone Rang During a Floor Speech?

Silencing his iPhone. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

There are times when you really, really want to make sure your phone is off. A few examples are during a wedding, a client meeting, and, for Sen. Chuck Grassley, during your floor speech for a judicial nomination.

The peppy ring from the Republican senator's iPhone began going off during the middle of his speech where he was explaining why he would be voting against the nomination of Jeffrey J. Helmick to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio, according to The Hill.

As Gizmodo points out  -- and you can judge for yourself -- it even sounds like Grassley, annoyed by the embarrassing disruption, issues an expletive before shutting off the phone.

Watch the clip from Buzzfeed:

Taking a moment to compose himself afterward, the Iowa senator buttons his suit jacked and proceeds with his explanation once more. No apology or anything. Grassley starts off in the clip with the phrase "when I apply the standard" and picks up right there after he silenced his phone, barely missing a beat.

(H/T Daily Mail)

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