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Rick Santorum's Big Announcement


After a tough-fought, and ultimately unsuccessful go in the Republican presidential primary campaign, Rick Santorum has lain low. The former Pennsylvania senator gave a luke-warm endorsement of his former rival Mitt Romney last month, and on Friday Santorum made a much anticipated announcement that he will spend his time running a new group "Patriot Voices" to work to defeat President Obama and his "radical agenda." The organization's mission statement reads:

Patriot Voices is a grassroots and online community of Americans from across the country who stand together to affect change that otherwise could not be accomplished alone. We know that standing on the sidelines is not an option. We are committed to promoting faith, family, freedom and opportunity. We believe that we're one nation under God and all we do must be consistent with the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights. We support candidates who share our convictions and hold those accountable that serve us in elected office. We believe that the defeat of Barack Obama, and those who support his policies, must be our first priority.

We further believe that family is the foundation for a healthy society and strong economy. We believe in freedom and American exceptionalism. We believe in entrepreneurship and opportunity. We believe in personal responsibility. We are also a voice for those who often cannot fight for themselves - the unborn, the disabled, the elderly, and those struggling economically in these difficult times. With a goal of 1 million voices united, we will transform the political landscape of our country.

The organization's core focus areas will be defeating President Obama's reelection attempt, expanding opportunities for all Americans by advocating policies that encourage traditional marriage, support children and free enterprise, standing for freedom and its defenders like those currently in the military, veterans and Israel, repealing Obamacare and government dependency programs that infringe on freedoms, and renewing America as an economic power by protecting the country's innovative spirit, restarting our manufacturing capabilities and unleashing America's domestic energy potential through pro-growth tax and regulatory reforms.

CBS News reports that Patriot Voices is an IRS-designated 501c4.

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