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You Deserve to Die': Florida Man Issued George Zimmerman's Old Cell Number


"They're not looking to provide my client any compensation for what they've exposed him to."

Junior Alexander Guy purchased a new T-Mobile phone last month and received this number 407-435-2400. Turns out, a lot of people had his number already and were calling him with messages like "You Murderer" and "You deserve to die."

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Guy had been issued the number previously held by George Zimmerman -- the man who shot Trayvon Martin in February. The Sentinel reports it only took the 49-year-old man a day to figure out whose number he had.

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He allegedly received upwards of 70 threatening messages and is now seeking compensation from T-Mobile.

Here's more from the Sentinel:

He got the phone May 7. On May 16, he turned the phone over to Orlando lawyer Robert Trimble. Since then, the phone has been in Trimble's safe.

The lawyer has asked T-Mobile to pay damages. He would not say how much.

T-Mobile has said no, according to its top lawyer, Aram Meade.

"They're not looking to provide my client any compensation for what they've exposed him to," Trimble complained.


"I'm asking them for a fair and reasonable sum," Trimble said.

Trimble did not disclose the amount of this sum.

The Sentinel reports a T-Mobile spokesperson saying the number has since been changed and completely retired. The company also said it waited 60 days, per policy, before putting the phone number back into the pool of ones that could be chosen. The Sentinel reports Guy could have changed his number earlier but chose not to.

This was the first time Guy had owned a cellphone before, according to the Sentinel, partially because he had only last year been released from serving 19 years in prison on for cocaine trafficking.

Watch Orlando Sentinel reporter Rene Stutzman's account here.

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