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Detroit Residents Spend Days Waiting in Line For $1,000 Sneakers


Would you spend $1,000 on Kayne West's “Air Yeezy II” sneakers?

Some Detroit residents spent days waiting in line for a chance to buy rapper Kanye West’s new $1,000 “Air Yeezy II” sneakers.

“Detroiter Nik White…got in line at downtown Royal Oak’s Burn Rubber Shoe Boutique [just outside Detroit] Tuesday for the shoes that went on sale Saturday,”  CBS Detroit reports.

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Once the sneakers officially went on sale, they sold out almost immediately.

Watch the CBS Detroit news brief:

White, the fan who waited for in line for four days, bought himself three pairs of the pricey "kicks."

Image courtesy CBS Detroit

“If you collect shoes, you want to have the style that are harder to find … it’s more the value, whether you keep it or trade it, sell it -- whatever -- it’s the value of it,” said White.

There has been so much hype and anticipation behind the shoes that a pair allegedly pre-sold on eBay for $90,300.

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But some of you may be asking: Who is Kanye West and why would someone drop $1,000 on shoes with his name on them?

Allow us to refresh your memory:

Oh, that guy? Yeah, that guy:

Well, at least he knows how to market a shoe.

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