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Crappy Sex Lives' of 'The Right': Netroots Panelist Claims 'Twisted' Conservatives Have 'Forced, Coerced, Nasty' Sex With 'Children & Animals



Few lines uttered at the Progressive Netroots conference this weekend would rival the offensiveness of the vitriol that came from the "Liberate Your Ass" panel, which focused on "Why Sexual Freedom is Key to Fighting the Right."

Particularly coarse and disturbing were the comments of Elisabeth Fernandez-Kimmel, a Policy Advocate for the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance.

According to Kimmel, "The Right" either has "crappy" sex or sex with children, animals or illegitimate citizens.  Therefore, the right is projecting their "crappy, weird, twisted sex lives" onto the leftist community.

Watch the abhorrent comments below:


Key quotes from Kimmel:

"I mean it's-- for me, it's not even a matter of losing my non-existent children.  I mean, I'm an aspiring lawyer I hope to be, ah, accepted as a member of a Bar, State Bar somewhere."


"It's really important to take the shame out of this, and to stop letting the Right tell our stories for us."


"[The Right] have crappy sex lives, or they have really forced, coerced, nasty, you know, children, animals, what-have-you, people that they won't recognize legitimate citizen status for. You know, they have all these really weird, twisted sex lives and so they're shoveling their sh*t on us by projecting on our sex lives."


"It's like, okay, you know, I have sex with more than one person and you're really making it out to be like I'm this [festering] hole of disease and really, you know, they're projecting."


"We need to own our own stories, and stop letting them tell our stories for us in any way that we can."


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