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History Repeating: Greek Neo-Nazi Party Threatens to Throw Immigrants and Their Children Out of Hospital, Into the Streets


"The situation is really critical and getting worse every day."

Extreme far-right Golden Dawn party official Ilias Panagiotaros speaks at a party rally in southern Athens on Monday, June 11, 2012. (AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris)

As Greece's political and economic future hangs in the balance, one of the country's contending political parties has vowed to raid hospitals and kindergarten schools in order to remove immigrants and their children "so that Greeks can take their place" if they are elected into power.

Not surprisingly, this threat came from the country's extremist Neo-Nazi party, Golden Dawn, during a campaign rally on Monday. And as they say, you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

"If Chrysi Avgi [Golden Dawn] gets into parliament, it will carry out raids on hospitals and kindergartens and it will throw immigrants and their children out on the street so that Greeks can take their place," Golden Dawn MP Ilias Panagiotaros said to thunderous applause, according to the Guardian.

Following Greece's May 6 election, no party earned enough votes to take control of the government and deliver the country from limbo. However, Golden Dawn got roughly 7 percent of the total vote (more than half of police officers voted for the party).

In an extremely important election for both Greece and the European Union, voters will go to the polls for a second general election this Sunday. Opinion polls suggest Golden Dawn will win more than the 3 percent needed to earn Parliamentary seats. In that sense, Greece may get what they ask for.

The Guardian explains why Golden Dawn's proposal isn't being dismissed as insane:

Medical supplies and beds at some hospitals are running desperately short. The governor of the state-run Nikea hospital, Theodoros Roupas, called on doctors to stop non-essential surgical interventions because of a critical shortage of gloves, syringes and gauze. The order was revoked when Roupas found emergency supplies later in the day.

"The situation is really critical and getting worse every day," said Dr Panaghiotis Papanikolaou, a neurosurgeon at the hospital. "There is not enough medical staff to cope and huge shortages of supplies. There's no money to even service scanners and surgical microscopes … we're talking about a major healthcare crisis – not in the making, it is happening now."

The paralysis spawned by six weeks of political instability following Greece's indecisive poll on 6 May has exacerbated the country's parlous public finances. Sunday's fresh general election is viewed as decisive for the county's future in the euro.

Alexis Tsipras, leader of the leftwing Syriza alliance, said it was obvious that Greece's rudderless state could no longer continue. A government had to be formed. "The country has to have a government, be it of the right or left," he said. Syriza is neck and neck with the conservative New Democracy party.

"The next 10 days following the election are extremely important," he said referring to a host of critical EU meetings, including an emergency summit scheduled at the end of the month."

So far, 2012 has been absolutely devastating for Greece as the country has suffered a crippling financial crisis, which ultimately led to riots and violence in the streets.

The Daily Mail points out that Golden Dawn has engaged in violence against immigrants before, claiming there is not enough money or resources for non-Greeks. Members of the group have also reportedly "clashed" with left-wing and anarchist groups.

Additionally, The Blaze recently reported on a member of the Neo-Nazi party throwing a glass of water at one politician and attacking another female Communist with Greece's far-left Syriza party, repeatedly striking her in the head. The chaos was captured on live TV.

Nazis battling Communists, sound familiar to anyone?

According to MSNBC, the man who struck the woman, Ilias Kasidiaris, is now suing his victims for defamation. He is also suing the private TV station for wrongful detention after being locked in a room for his outburst.

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