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Obama Girl' Dishes to Hannity on Viral Vid: I'm Leaning 'Undecided' and Was Paid to Do Video


“I was paid to do this video. It was an acting job, but then it turned into something so much more."

Sean Hannity interviewed Amber Lee Ettinger on his show last night. Oh, you don't recognize the name?  Perhaps you know Ms. Ettinger by her "street name" - Obama Girl.

Amber is the woman who blasted onto the political scene in 2007 after starring in the a music video "I've Got A Crush On Obama."  In the song, she professed her love for then-candidate Barack Obama. The original video generated over 24 million hits on the web and also gave Ettinger's musical career a significant boost.

The meteoric rise from obscurity to fame and multiple talk show appearances, soon faded and Ettinger disappeared. However, in February she was back with another Obama-themed tune. This time the music video was a parody of a song "You're The One That I Want" from the musical "Grease."

Lightning did not strike twice for "Obama Girl." The Grease parody clip has yet to reach 100,000 clicks on YouTube. Perhaps that contributed to Ms. Ettinger's recent statement to the Daily Caller regarding her affection for the President, proclaiming that she was:

“not as excited as I was the last time, that’s for sure.”

Yesterday marked the five year anniversary of the uploading of "I've Got A Crush On Obama" and coincidentally, and as mentioned above,  the original Obama Girl appeared on Sean Hannity's show on Fox News. She was there to discuss recent reports stating that her "crush" on the President had faded.

In the interview, Ettinger doesn't really sound like she's soured on Obama. She just seems to say that she's not quite as taken with the President as she was in 2007, telling Hannity that like many former Obama supporters, she's leaning more towards the "Undecided" column on voter surveys.

There was a curious moment in the interview when Amber reveals that the video was just a job, something that was originally done for laughs:

"I did it for comedy at first. I was paid to do this video. It was an acting job, but then it turned into something so much more. It was gratifying for me."

Here is the entire interview from Hannity's Wednesday night program.

Is she just distancing herself from Obama? Perhaps opening the door for the Romney campaign to cast her in a video?

Or, perhaps the Obama Girl is threatened by the recent release of Obama Boy's video parodying her smash. That one has already generated more hits in five days than Eittinger's latest release did in five months. Watch it on The Blog.


We uncovered an old video -- presumably from around 2008 -- that shows Ettinger making a similar admission about being paid, albeit less forcefully:

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