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WikiWars': Did You Know There's a Thing Such as Competitive Wikipedia Searching? (And There's Video)


"requires mental focus, precise clicking, a surprisingly large need for a knowledge of geography..."

Welcome to the ultimate in nerd sports-dom. WikiWars: a form of competitive Wikipedia searching.

Here's how it works. Two players in a face-off are given a topic on the site that they must arrive at by only clicking through hyperlinks from the Wikipedia page they are already on. WikiHow has more detailed instructions of how to play:

Someone has to click the "Random Article" button on the side bar of the site. For the first game it is random, but for subsequent games it is the winner of the preceding game. Everyone else then navigates to that page and keeps it as a separate window or tab. This is known as the master page

Everyone has to open another window/tab and open a "Random Article" on

Without using the keyboard at all you must navigate to the first random page (master page.) You also cannot use the "Back" button, the Find Function, or the menu bar on the left side of the website. This is done by clicking on the hyperlinked text in the article. NOTE* It is acceptable to use the back button to get out of a page with no links in the article.

Upon completion of a round the winner must show everyone his history by clicking "Back" until the player goes to the original page he started at. This helps prevent cheating.

As an example of a match in action, check out this video by thegregorybrothers:

For example, the WikiWarriors in the video must start on "hair gel" and see how can make it to "Sunbeam Bread" without breaking any of the Wiki rules.

According to the satirical YouTube video's description, the WikiWarrior "requires mental focus, precise clicking, a surprisingly large need for a knowledge of geography, & the ability to not start hyperventilating."

(H/T GeekOSystem)

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