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Rupert Murdoch's wife Wendi is powerful, also kind of funny


You'll remember Wendi Murdoch from her infamously brave moment in the spotlight last summer in which she defended her husband Rupert's honor from an oncoming pie, crouching Tiger Mother style.

The New York Times has a lengthy profile on Wendi, 43, detailing her own success as a media bigwig and her relationship with Rupert.

[B]y all accounts, Wendi has had a hugely positive impact on Rupert. She will openly roll her eyes at him when he’s out of line and tell him when he’s wrong, even while the two are in public.

“She has a great upbeat personality and is one of the few people who can keep Rupert Murdoch under control,” said Mr. Butcher, the former News Corporation spokesman. “In the very early days of the marriage she was somewhat subordinate, but that pretty quickly changed.”

Furthermore, we have Wendi to hate thank for bringing actor Hugh Jackman to Broadway in gold pants. Jackman's stint as a stage actor would have been a minor footnote in his career but not for Wendi. “She is the best publicist anyone could ever have," Jackman told the Times.

[New York Times]

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