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American 'Scapegoat,' Admin in Chaos, 'Minoritarians' & the Danger of a Godless Society -- All on 'The Glenn Beck Program


"Which side are you on?"

During his Wednesday evening broadcast, Glenn Beck reviewed some of the day's most pressing headlines before discussing why racism in America could be rearing its ugly head once more. This was all before Beck delivered a powerful Oval Office speech in anticipation of the Supreme Court's upcoming decision on Obamacare (which can be viewed here in its entirety).

While a recent Bloomberg poll seemed to reveal Obama leading GOP rival Mitt Romney (figures that are contradicted in other polls), Beck admitted that the fight, at times, can indeed "be tiring." But he reminded viewers to recall that George Washington likely felt the same way in the weeks prior to crossing the Delaware to engage in the battle of Trenton.  The motivational words of both Washington and Thomas Paine where what gave the troops the resolve to forge ahead despite feeling discouraged along the way. Although a wartime analogy, the same principles apply today, because centuries later, America is "at a crossroads" yet again. We may not be asked to deliver on the fields of battle like Washington's men were, but the "battle of will" is the same, noted Beck.

America the scapegoat

Beck began the days headlines by discussing the Fed's most recent instance of quantitative easing(or, "printing money") as it fails abysmally in its task. Such failure, according to Beck, will only give rise to Socialists -- one of which, by the way, was recently lambasted by Fox News host Neil Cavuto when he attempted to blame America for European bank meltdowns.

America is being set up "to be the scapegoat for the world," said Beck, who first warned two years ago that the rest of the world would point the finger of blame at the United States and Capitalism when the Euro collapses. The situation will only be exacerbated if Obama, our "apology tour president," is reelected.

The administration in chaos 

Despite the president's recent union "sell out" during the Scott Walker recall attempt in Wisconsin, organized labor is still spending tens of millions on Obama's reelection bid, paying particular attention to the eight crucial battle ground states. In the process, 100,000 volunteers and 750 fulltime campaign workers will reportedly be placing 13 million calls and speaking with over a million potential voters in their effort to hold the White House.

They are doing this, observed Beck, because Obama is trailing Romney in the most recent polls and overall, 52 percent of surveyed Americans disapprove of Obama's performance.

Also stacked against the Left is Rep. Darrell Issa's push to move forward with a committee vote to hold embattled Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress over Fast and Furious. Beck discussed the details of the botched operation and explained how it eventually led to the murder of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

In one additional snag the administration and overall liberal establishment might face is the likely disbandment of Occupy Wall Street. Beck observed that the movement, which had essentially been "a dud" since its inception, might have run out of steam given the string of assaults. flag-burning, and bizarre demonstrations (like protesting "child sex trafficking conferences") carried out by some of its participants.

Nonetheless, a host of dangerous entities and characters, according to Beck, are poised to take power by any means necessary. These include but are not limited to: the White House, George Soros, labor unions, the Federal Reserve and Central Banks, the U.N., Marxists, Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam among others. Worse still, they are mobilized and motivated to win in 2012, which is why Beck encouraged viewers to "stay the course."

"Because I believe we're turning a corner."

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. won because he knew that Americans would choose good over evil. The question Beck said is now before us is: "Will we willing vote for evil," or are we strong enough to stand and draw a line in the sand?

Are we being ruled by "minoritarians"? 

Even an in-depth search on the Internet today will yield precious few stories that paint God, or faith, in a positive light. Typically, the only religion stories that do seem to get any "airtime" are the ones that disparage Catholics over contraception, Evangelicals over same-sex marriage debates, or Christians in general as being "out of touch" when it comes to abortion issues. Back in January, Beck reminded that a civil war was brewing within the Vatican and that the Pope likely understands the turmoil is mounting.

He then cited several recent headlines that have an unabashed anti-religious bent and juxtaposed this Christian-targeted negativity with the fact that the only positive stories on religion disseminated by the mainstream media are ones that pertain to Atheism, and the many "victories" the movement is realizing in its push to rid the nation of all references to God and faith. Thus, according to Beck, Atheism and environmentalism are in themselves the new "religions" of America. He also pointed out that things always go awry when "corrupt religions" that only place faith in man or planet take control.

In other words, we are becoming a society of "minoritarians," according to Beck -- a system where minority groups (such as Atheists) rule society.

This is perhaps best illustrated by the resurgence of vicious displays of anti-Semitism occurring across the country, particularly in the Jewish bedrocks of Brooklyn, New York.

History repeats itself in a Godless society 

"The Jews are always the canaries in the coal mine," Beck said. The hatred begins there, "and spreads."

Beck also spent particular time expanding on something that most Americans have probably never even heard of -- Ulysses S. Grant's document of general order No. 11, which the New York Times has called the "worst" anti-Semitic act in American History. It called for the expulsion of Jews from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

The order, which referred to Jews as a "class violating every regulation of trade" established by the Treasury Department and department orders "are hereby expelled from the department within twenty-four hours from the receipt of this order."

Jewish people who refrained were arrested and held in contempt.

Fortunately, Abraham Lincoln stopped the travesty by sending a telegram to Grant which explained that if such an order has been issued "it will be immediately revoked."

Beck went on to discuss Lincoln in greater detail, particularly his belief that "God was in charge."

From persecution of Native Americans in the Trail of Tears, to the execution order leveled against Mormons in Missouri (Beck even showed an actual copy of the order, which wasn't rescinded until 1976, to viewers), to progressive FDR relegating Japanese Americans to internment camps during World War II, Beck listed the myriad instances of race and religion-fueled vitriol seen in America across the ages.

There may be plenty of solutions offered by members of both sides of the political aisle, but the one key component painfully absent, according to Beck, is God.

It is important to note that while Atheists and secularists in general decry religion as being the root of all the worlds wars and ills, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong were responsible for the deaths of an estimated 50 to 70 million human beings (at least) -- all in the name of Atheism. This does not even account for the gruesome murders waged in the name of pagan Nazism. For some reason, progressives fail to acknowledge the carnage that has been leveled by the Godless regimes of the world.


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