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Actual Time Mag headline: 'Is Romney too focused on the economy?

Actual Time Mag headline: 'Is Romney too focused on the economy?

Yes, really:

Alternate headline: Obama's economic record stinks so let's not talk about it, mmmk?

However the Supreme Court rules on Barack Obama’s health care law this week, it’s still the economy that will likely determine the president’s fate—or so Mitt Romney’s campaign says.

...or so that's what every poll under the sun says, but I digress.

The presumptive Republican nominee’s advisers call the election “a referendum on Obama’s handling of the economy.” With almost comical discipline, Romney steers virtually every topic back to Obama’s economic record. In a speech to Latino leaders last week, for instance, Romney dodged some key immigration policy questions while harping on Obama’s failure to create more jobs: “Is the America of 11% Hispanic unemployment the America of our dreams?” he asked. “Why would you talk about anything else,” one prominent Republican recently asked NBC News. And perhaps it’s as simple as that.

What's the point of allowing more immigrants into the country if there are no jobs?

But what if it’s more complicated than that? Two recent presidential elections are remembered primarily as referendums on an ailing economy that cost an incumbent his job–Ronald Reagan’s 1980 defeat of Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton’s win over George H.W. Bush in 1992. But while we remember the defining slogans, “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” and “It’s the economy, stupid,” both those contests were more complicated in ways that should give Barack Obama some comfort.

I'm not really sure how since in both cases, the incumbents were soundly defeated.  But let's consider Michael Crowley's argument, that there are other issues which Obama can use to Trump Romney's economic antagonism.  Really?  Like what?

Health care?  We'll see about that come Thursday.

Immigration and border reforms?  Only if you count bypassing Congress and dropping guns into the hands of cartels.

War on terror? Sure he made the call to snuff Osama bin Laden, but what American in their right mind wouldn't have made the same "gutsy" call?  The war in Iraq has "ended," but thousands of U.S. personnel remain in the country and our efforts in Afghanistan have been stagnate.  Extremism has spread in the Middle East, not declined under Obama's watch.

Gay marriage?  Ok, his stance in favor of gay marriage marked a change, but it's a personal preference, not a tangible policy achievement.

Green energy?  $120 million for 3 jobs.  Need I say more?

Reproductive health? Maybe, unless you're Catholic.

Reducing the deficit?Ha.  Democrats can't even balance their own checkbook, let alone the nation's.

Am I missing something?

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