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A teacher from this school for deaf children did not read Michelle Obama's lips


That video of Michelle Obama at a 9/11 ceremony passed around the Internet by email a year ago has new life. It's the CSPAN clip in which some people say it looks like Obama is saying "All this for a damn flag?" to the President.

This time the email accompanying the video affirms that indeed, Obama did say "all this for a damn flag." The proof: "The video was presented for translation to a lip reading instructor at The River School, a Washington D.C. school for the deaf," the email claims.

Except, no. That didn't happen. PolitiFact checked with Nancy Mellon, director of The River School, to be sure.

[T]he River School doesn't teach lip-reading, Mellon said, and no one from the faculty has provided any interpretation of the video.

"It's definitely not us," she said. "We would never try to do anything like this."

The best part: Because of the email's high circulation, The River School had to put a disclaimer on its website about it. "Please be advised," it says, "that The River School was not involved in any translation services for a recent video clip currently circulating on the Internet."


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