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Exclusive Pics and Video: Why Is Glenn Beck Riding a Horse Through His Studio? (Hint: Obamacare)



The horse was used in the opening of Beck's 5 o'clock show as a parody of "Braveheart." You can watch the episode on-demand by going to our post here (the episode does, by the way, include Beck in a kilt).


Your eyes aren't fooling you. Below are exclusive pictures and video of Glenn Beck mounting a massive horse and riding it through his studio. Sometimes it pays to have a camera handy to capture it:

Here's the video:

And yes, you are seeing the remnants of the horse relieving itself during the ordeal.

So what is this all about? I'm only authorized to say that it will all become very clear at the beginning of Beck's 5pm (ET) GBTV show, which tonight will be free to everyone and broadcast live on The Blaze (click on the link above). The show also involves more of his reaction to today's healthcare ruling.

I think you'll want to watch.

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