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Stop Interrupting me!': Conservative Author Katie Pavlich Goes Toe-to-Toe With NYT Columnist Over Obamacare

Stop Interrupting me!': Conservative Author Katie Pavlich Goes Toe-to-Toe With NYT Columnist Over Obamacare

"The truth will set you free."

Just because the Supreme Court has ruled on the Affordable Care Act, also known as "Obamacare," doesn't mean the fiery debate surrounding the controversial the law will die down. Nothing displayed that more clearly than when Townhall's Katie Pavlich went on CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight" on Thursday and traded blows with New York Times columnist Charles Blow (ironic?) over the president's healthcare plan, now "constitutional" as a "tax."

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The segment began by focusing on GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's reaction to the decision, with Blow accusing him of "having a chair in every corner of the room," including in his position on healthcare reform. Then as the Left often does, he continued by accusing conservatives, like Romney and Pavlich, of not caring about minorities and poor people and it is "ridiculous and "disingenuous" for the "Right" to pretend like they do now that Obamacare has passed because all of their policies "basically take a knock at" them.

"It is so disingenuous for people who are on the Right who are not even in this category to then throw up their hands in a huff and say, 'oh this is a tax'... You’re not even subject to this,” he said.

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Pavlich replied, saying that the Supreme Court decision to uphold the law as tax will affect everyone, including the middle class. She also accused Blow of denying that it was a tax. To be fair, it doesn't appear that Blow actually denied that Obamacare is indeed a tax.

Nonetheless, that's important to note because this is where the fireworks started.

"Who said that?" Blow asked. "What we won't be doing is putting words in someone else's mouth. I did not say it was not a tax, so let's start back from the truth... the truth will set you free."

"Stop interrupting me," Pavlich said for the second time.

While she could still get a word in, Pavlich tried to refute Blow's claims that Republicans don't care about healthcare for poor people or minorities, however, she didn't get very far as a few moments later Blow interrupted her again.

"Stop interrupting me!" Pavlich said again, this time raising her voice.

"No, I'm not going to do that because you are not going to say things that are not true on the air... and attribute them to me and expect me to sit silently by and let you do that. That's not gonna happen."

"I'm speaking to people listening, I'm not talking to you, Mr. Blow," Pavlich replied. "Back to the point..."

Pavlich went on to argue that it was ironic that Obamacare would be termed the "Affordable Care Act" because it is anything but affordable. She said premiums will increase and people who are "just on the bubble" of being able to have health insurance will no longer be able to afford it under the president's plan.

"This costs a lot of money, it doesn't decrease costs and for this to be called the Affordable Care Act is, in your words, 'disingenuous,'" Pavlich added.

"No, you're disingenuous," Blow shot back.

“I rather like the dynamic we are creating tonight.” Morgan chimed in.

Maybe with more fiery segments like this, CNN's primetime ratings wouldn't be at a 21 year low.

Watch it below:

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