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Author: These Are the 3 Biggest Lies That Are Spread About Christianity


"There are clever and stupid Christians and clever and stupid atheists."

Have you ever wondered why Christianity tends to get the short end of the stick in popular culture, media and entertainment? Recently, The Blaze caught up with Michael Coren, host of Sun News Networks' "The Arena," to chat about this very subject. In his book, "Heresy: Ten Lies They Spread About Christianity," the author and broadcaster studies the history, central tenets and culture of the world's most popular faith system.

In it, Coren also debunks 10 of the most pervasive lies that are told about Christianity. These untruths that are so regularly spouted claim that the faith system "supports slavery, is racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-intellectual, anti-Semitic, provokes war, resists progress, and is repressive and irrelevant," according to an official description of the book.

Coren, a Canadian, is a Roman Catholic who has grown tired of what he believes are endless attacks on Christianity. His long career in journalism has allowed him to encounter "every attack you can imagine" on the faith. While he admits that he isn't a theologian, Coren believes that his journalistic experience gives him the perfect insight to examine these issues in-depth.

The author says that in Canada, like in the U.S., Christianity is under assault. While he highlights the 10 biggest lies that are told about the faith in "Heresy," I asked him to briefly detail what he believes to be the three biggest, overarching mis-truths. Here's what he chose:

1) The Belief That Christians Are Stupid & Atheists Are Clever: "Faith has nothing to do with intellectual capacity," Coren says. "There are clever and stupid Christians and clever and stupid atheists."

2) The Notion That Jesus Didn't Exist: "There is overwhelming evidence for the existence of Jesus," he claims.

3) The Contention That Christians Have Been on the Wrong Side of History: "The allegation that Christians have been on the wrong side of history -- Hitler was a Christian...all such nonsense," Coren proclaims. "National socialism is completely contrary to Christianity...[it's] vehemently anti-Christian."

These disturbing points of critique are, of course, universal, transcending national borders and permeating into various cultures. While many may assume that there are radical differences when it comes to attacks on faith in Canada and the U.S., ironically, the similarities far outweigh the contrasts. Still, it's important to understand the differing elements at play.

"Although we are similar to the U.S., we have a very strong European culture here," he explained, speaking about Canada. "We have this idea and religion is seen as being almost foreign so, for example, when [Canadian Prime Minister] Stephen Harper, who's not particularly Christian, said 'God bless Canada' a few years ago, he was condemned in media."

Like in America, where atheists and the far-left work to remove faith from the public square, Coren says that Canada experiences a similar dynamic, with influentials in mainstream culture and media leading the charge. However, the assault has apparently been going on much longer there than it has been in America.

"What you're seeing in the U.S. now is what we saw in Canada 25 years ago," the journalist explained.

Despite the active role of secularists, Coren claims that they haven't been at the forefront of anti-Christian sentiment in Canada and that by the time they arrived "the damage was already done." He cited the eroding of the sanctity of marriage as one of the major issues that has contributed to the anti-faith movement in the country.

"Christianity was seen as the main body as saying 'no' to people," he said. "Most of the attacks [on] Christianity are about one three-letter word and that's 'sex.' [People] want to do what they want to do...and when you tell them 'no' they say they hate Christianity."

Coren claims that secularists and others in the Canadian mainstream wish for Christians to close their mouths about issues pertaining to sexuality and the sanctity of life. This, too, is an issue that many conservatives -- particularly Christians -- claim is happening in the U.S.

For more about Coren, visit his web site and be sure to check out his intriguing book, "Heresy: Ten Lies They Spread About Christianity." We'll leave you with a video during which he discusses the list of lies in detail, below:

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