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Five Presidents Imagined As You've Never Seen Them

Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve a lightning bolt to the face

American history has its share of great people - people whose actions we can marvel over, and in some cases even gasp in awe and/or horror about if a new perspective comes along. However, those perspectives are almost always constrained by historical fact, and historical fact sometimes doesn't permit the full impact of a particular historical figure on the national consciousness to be presented. In earlier times, artists could solve this problem by depicting political figures in mythological situations, sometimes even rising to the level of inserting particular historical figures into Biblical settings. However, this practice has remained essentially unheard of with respect to Presidents.

...Until the internet. Now, we can quite literally imagine our past Presidents in some of the most ludicrously awesome poses you've probably ever seen, thanks to an artist named Jason Heuser. Here are five of Mr. Heuser's most insanely awesome creations, a fuller catalogue of which are viewable here and on his main page here:

#5. Theodore Roosevelt vs Bigfoot

#4. FDR as imagined by Michael Bay

#3. Ronald Reagan, Dinosaur tamer

#2. Abraham Lincoln on a bear

#1. George Washington, Zombie Hunter

BONUS: Ben Franklin vs the God of Thunder

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