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This Video of a 32-Year-Old Man Talking With a Recording of His 12-Year-Old Self Has 781K Views in 1 Day


"I think I'd like to talk to myself in the future."

Date: 1992. Subject: Jeremiah McDonald, 12 years old. Goal: Talk to oneself in the future. Method: Record and leave oneself a VHS tape.

"I think I'd like to talk to myself in the future," pre-teen Jeremiah said. Fast forward to "the future" -- 20 years later. Jeremiah the elder pours himself a drink -- a hard one -- for this adventure.

The two Jeremiah's say hello to each other and it begins. Ages are exchanged, observation of physical changes from getting older ensues, during which time Jeremiah the elder begins to look annoyed at his younger, more energetic self.

So, what does Jeremiah the younger want to know? "Is Molly still alive?"

"No," Jeremiah the elder responds. "Dogs don't live that long." Unfortunate.

After another pet death question and a brief -- yet hilarious argument -- between older and younger occurs, there's a trigger. "Roy,"  a cartoon drawing, sparks something in Jeremiah the elder.

"Do you still draw Roy?" asks Jeremiah the younger. "No, I don't draw much anymore," answers Jeremiah the elder with a look of slight sadness as he remembers his dream of wanting to be an animator. Instead, Jeremiah put his talents into film making.

You can see evidence of his artistic work as a filmmaker in this less than four minute flick for yourself (Content Warning: Some strong language):

Posted yesterday, the film already has more than 700,000 hits on the YouTube channel Weeping Prophet Productions as of this posting.

(H/T: io9)

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