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Booty Pop': Is Viral Video of a 6-Year-Old Rapping With Women in Skimpy Bikinis 'Sexual Abuse'?

Booty Pop': Is Viral Video of a 6-Year-Old Rapping With Women in Skimpy Bikinis 'Sexual Abuse'?

"He's just trying to imitate his idols that he hears on the radio."

A 6-year-old making a rap video automatically has viral potential. But the cute factor isn't what has the Florida youngster and his parents, who let him make the video, making headlines on the Web recently.

The video involves the young boy singing sexually explicitly lyrics with bikini-clad women dancing in the clip. The video has since been removed from YouTube, where it went viral and authorities have not confirmed nor denied an investigation -- but a psychiatrist speaking on Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor," called it sexual abuse. Still, it has been said the video was meant to be a joke.

Here's more from Fox News on the video:

[...] the boy is sandwiched between two bikini-covered backsides as he sings: "I can make your booty pop, booty pop, booty pop." He later holds a water gun near his crotch and douses a dancer. [...]

"It's supposed to be a joke, but I'd say [only] about 30 percent of the people watching it find it funny," Tyler Council, president of the Florida-based Froze-N-Time Productions, told the Miami New Times. "But I still don't regret it." [...]

"He's just trying to imitate his idols that he hears on the radio," Council said. "There's no touching going on; there's no drug abuse."

The video was condemned earlier this week by comments and blogs. News One called "Booty Pop" the "most recent example of that quantum step into the bowels of Black debauchery that should force any self-respecting Black-American to stop in their tracks and consider how long will we allow the entertainment industry to pimp the dignity out of our race." Fox has more from other sites:

"I can’t even begin to wonder what the motivation behind this video and song was, or why so many adults thought it was cool," read a blogpost in Vibe.com. But watching [the boy] sing of making a grown woman’s booty pop while a half-dozen of them dance around him in the pool, just made me sad.

"Though the young boy did not utter a profanity, [he] certainly participated in a video that most responsible parents would find repulsive and inappropriate for an adolescent child," wrote BlackAmericaWeb.com.

Watch the segment from The O'Reilly Factor (Content Warning: Some clips from the viral video could be disturbing):

Psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow said on the show that he considered the video “sexual abuse of a 6-year-old boy by the adult women who participated in making the video, any producer involved, and his parents.”

On the other hand though, Fox reports clinical psychologist Andrea Macari saying while the video was not tasteful, calling it child abuse goes too far cheapening the real victims of abuse.

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