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Real News' War Room: Defining Mitt Romney


Mitt Romney has been the presumptive Republican nominee for president for months, and from very early on the Obama campaign has sought to define him with relentless attacks about Bain, outsourcing, Swiss bank accounts, off-shore investments and the latest Thursday, a new ad declaring that Romney would raise taxes on 18 million middle-class Americans. The Romney campaign has for the most part not fought back, regurgitating the same "Obama isn't working" economic message for months and months as the Obama campaign floods the airwaves with ads and staff on cable news all working hard to define Romney in a negative image while often using claims that have since been invalidated. 

On Thursday, the Romney campaign finally responded to the negative attacks with a new ad titled "No Evidence," questioning the Obama campaign and the president's honesty.

The video, which is already airing in swing states like Ohio and Virginia, attacks “Obama’s dishonest campaign,” even playing back video from his then-Democratic primary opponent Hillary Clinton in 2008 saying “Shame on you Barack Obama.”

The "Real News" panel discussed the change in strategy Thursday, and whether it is going to be enough. Will part of this defense be not only calling out the president, but defining who Mitt Romney really is and what he stands for, aside from just scaling back the policies of Barack Obama? Watch a clip from the War Room segment Thursday:

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