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Help Wanted: Photographer Captures Military Marriage Proposal -- Can You Identify the Mystery Couple?


"...give them the photos of a magical night."

A closer shot afte she said "yes." (Image: Angila Golik via YouTube)

An unknown couple is photographed in luminous rotunda in Washington, D.C., on a warm summer evening. Who are they?

In a modern day version of the hunt for the iconic "V-J Day in Times Square" photo, one photographer is trying to find out the names and story of these individuals. Angila Golik was visiting Washington, D.C., in early July and captured shots of the couple's most tender moment as they began the next chapter of their lives: a marriage proposal.

The Nevada photographer, an uninvited spy even though the proposal took place in a public space -- the Washington War Memorial -- is now looking to find out just who this mystery couple is. Speaking with the Huffington Post weddings section, Golik wants to "find the couple and give them the photos of a magical night."

She tried contacting Andrews Air Force Base to post the photos, thinking the soon-to-be-groom was a member of the military because he was in uniform, but the base said they could not publish any photos without permission from the couple themselves.

Check out Golik's YouTube petition to find the couple with photos she snapped on the night of July 2:

Smartly, Golik has taken the story to the Internet in search of the pair. Social media and other forums on the Web have led to identifying individuals in record time before. Let's see how long this one takes.

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