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Bachmann's former campaign manager: Bachmann 'close to crossing that kook line


Criticism from Ed Rollins on Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) comes so often you could set your watch to it. Basically, anytime Bachmann speaks, look out for Rollins to comment. Even as her presidential campaign manager last year, he didn't hold back in calling out the dumb things he thought she did.

Rollins' latest hit at Bachmann comes in a National Review story about tensions possibly rising between Republican House leadership and Bachmann over her recent charges of the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrating the government.

Real talk with Ed Rollins:

“She’s on the intelligence committee and people assume that she has information that no one else has. So when she goes out and makes a charge, it has added weight. She’s close to crossing that ‘kook line,’ and Boehner and the others may be ready to dismiss her as a serious player.”

[National Review]

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