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The Gov't Belongs to You, This Country Belongs to You': Sen. Jim DeMint Rallies Conservatives During FreePAC Address


"Good candidates are willing to run when the odds are against them, because you're for them."

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) spoke about the economic and political problems that both parties have created, while praising the power of individual citizens to bring about political change. His FreePAC speech also offered accolades to the Tea Party, while specifically heralding its past victories.

"I heard that there were a few people in Texas that wanted to take back their government and I thought I would just come down here today and we would charge Washington together," he joked at the beginning of his speech.

DeMint went on to discuss the Tea Party and its roots, which took form years ago; he drove home the fact that the political movement still holds sway. The leaders who came from the conservative movement, he believes, have made massive and transformational change.

"As soon as these new people walked in the door in the U.S. Senate, we passed a ban on earmarks...[and] a resolution that we were going to balance the budget," he added. "Everyone's been saying the Tea Party's gone, they fizzled...but they're here today. And America's hearing from you again."

The crowd went wild.

"The government belongs to you, this country belongs to you and we need to show it in every election," DeMint said. "Good candidates are willing to run when the odds are against them, because you're for them."

DeMint rallied the crowd and encouraged citizens to come together "to change this country." He concluded by telling the audience that America is the greatest nation in the world and that there's truly nothing like it.

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