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Real News From The Blaze' Religion, Business, and Secularism in America


The Newland family of Colorado is experiencing first-hand what many have been worried about for a long time – the encroachment of Government on religious freedom. The Newland’s are small business owners in Colorado. They employ over 250 people. They are also Catholic and recently filed suit against HHS regarding the birth control mandate. Late last week the DOJ filed its response to the suit saying that the Newlands could follow the mandate as the law requires or sell their business. The HHS mandate is the most obvious example but there are smaller less extreme cases, Chick-Fil-A for one, of what conservatives see as secularismc creeping into the fabric of our country – which was founded by men of faith.

On 'Real News' Friday the panel discussed the emerging forefront in the battle for religious freedom that is occurring with many American business and business owners who find themselves in conflict with progressive organizations and the government based on their religious or political beliefs. Watch a clip from Friday's segment below:


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