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A Collection of Wisdom From Inspirational Women Gathered at Restoring Love Women's Conference

Tania Beck

The Women's Conference of Restoring Love commenced Saturday, July 28th, with a focus on faith, purpose and character. It was only fitting, then, that the day's speakers, which included Rep. Michele Bachmann and Diana Hagee, the wife of Pastor John Hagee, was introduced by TheBlaze President Betsy Morgan, and hosted by Tania Beck and Mercury One President Joe Kerry.

After an opening prayer, Morgan explained how Tania Beck was the inspiration for a women's conference on faith, character and purpose, based on her grace and dignity.


"I've watched Tania raise and educate two beautiful children, support Glenn and all his important work and nurture... her extended family," Morgan beamed. "She lives her life with tremendous grace. She has a radiance that comes from leading a purposeful life."

Tania Beck then addressed the audience, thanking each who have participated in a movement to restore a sense of charity, love and essential goodness in America. "We have to turn the tables and get back to God," Beck said.

She added that through "our faith in God and each other," love will be restored, people will be fed and clothed, and freedom will return.

There was also a special thank to the proprietors of "Babe's Chicken Dinner House" for their generous sponsorship of the day's events. (TheBlaze will be profiling the incredible story of this purpose-driven family in the days ahead. )

Michele Bachmann

Rep. Bachmann, who spoke to TheBlaze about her enthusiasm for the Women's Conference just days prior to the event, received a standing ovation and deafening cheers as she entered the sanctuary to share her message of character and purpose.

She asked if the audience was ready to open their hearts, talk about faith and character. A holy righteous, God has declared for each and everyone in this room today, she said.  Bachmann also thanked Glenn and Tania Beck for making the event possible.

"These are forward-looking people...who have opened up their hearts" and shown how God has developed their character.

A mother and foster-mother to 28 "great children," Bachmann says that has been her purpose. " They have taught us so much we are grateful for," she added, noting that Jesus said we are the branches they are the vine.

"In God's economy every one of us is valuable."

Bachmann invoked a Biblical tale from the Book of John, chapter 12, where Mary Magdalene discards the contents of an alabaster jar -- something of great value at the time -- onto Jesus' head to prove her devotion to him as the Lord. Her "fragrant offering"  -- a dowery by the standards of the day -- was a statement of unconditional love, devotion submission to Christ.

The message Bachmann hoped to impart to the audience was that Mary wasted something dear -- she poured out "the most expensive part of herself" -- to show that nothing else could be more valuable than "Jesus Christ, Lord of Lord, King of Kings."  Thus, according to the Minnesota Republican, Mary relied only on her faith -- not items of material or monetary substance -- to develop her character and purpose. "She was a woman who opened her heart."

"She is a picture of us. Of the unparalleled joy that we will find in heaven when one day we too will see the Lord. "

Bachmann concluded by asking the audience to open their hearts to faith.

Dana Loesch

The next speaker in the series was conservative firebrand, author and GBTV/TheBlaze guest-host Dana Loesch, who praised Bachmann for the pride she shows in her faith. Loesch spoke about her heritage, family and upbringing as a Southern Baptist.

Loesch, who said she always wanted to be a journalist, explained why life's best laid plans can sometimes not go according to plan. "I always thought my purpose was set out," adding that she never considered that maybe God had a plan for her instead.

While it may have taken a while for Loesch to accept a path and calling that was "bigger than her," she said she has learned that fearing signifies a lack of faith. And listening to Loesch, it is clear she does not lack faith.

Her passion for grassroots activism was catalyzed by the fact that she is a mother and is worried for the next generation. "We are the last beacon. We are it, and it's fueled by faith."

The "amazing thing" about America, Loesch said, is that everyone is given "the God-given gift of liberty."

"We have to turn society around and this right here -- this love -- is how we will do it."

Another interesting topic Loesch touched on was the feminist-influence in America today, and urged the audience to continue to support the good men in their lives and defend them, too, against the "malicious" attacks from people who lack faith and "Godly principles."

"The bottom line is that we all have a purpose. Don't fight him [God] on your purpose."

Gwen Rich

Certified Image Consultant Gwen Rich shared a powerful story about her son, who at one time not long ago, suffered liver failure and almost did not survive. Yet, she said, "it was the best week of my life."

Rich then relayed the miraculous story of how her son survived despite all odds -- even the doctors believed his recovery was a miracle.

"There have been many times since that fateful night and I think 'there but for the grace of God go I,'" she said.

"Whether by the Ten Commandments, the 613 Commandments (of Judaism) or the one, Golden Rule... it all began in Jerusalem."

Rich explained that one of the core principles of Judaism is to embrace personal responsibility. Restoring Love is the perfect opportunity, she believes, to exercise "acts of lovingkindness" and personal responsibility.

The business woman and devoted mother also works with teenage girls, teaching them about "respect, restraint, and responsibility."


Kylie Bisutti

You might be familiar with Kylie Bisutti, the model who gave up a lucrative career as a Victoria's Secret "Angel" because she felt the role did not fit in with her faith. The young faith-keeper who has inspired women to be unafraid to stand for their convictions spoke about following God's purpose and how important it is for women to dress, act and conduct themselves in a conservative manner. She said that while her fame garnered her much attention, it is far better to "stand before an audience like this" and praise God.

Bisutti hopes to be a godly example to young women, be a steadfast wife and honor God "in every decision she makes."

"That is the most important thing we can be doing in this world."


Diana Hagee

Diana Hagee, chief of staff for John Hagee Ministries television ministry and special events coordinator and leader of Women’s Ministries at Cornerstone Church, rejoiced because she is a "daughter of the King."

"Nothing is impossible to those who believe," Ms. Hagee began.

In a world filled with hate violence and prejudice, she said that we must be just in all we do.

Ms. Hagee spoke about the deficit of decency in today's "feel good" world, which seems to live only by emotion. She said that while sometimes doing what is right can be difficult, it is crucial to do what is "just, fair and without prejudice," and "to love and show mercy."

"Restoring Love shows how America is a great, great country," she added.

Ms. Hagee also spoke about the importance of showing mercy to your fellow man.  "God is only concerned with what you do right," she said. "It may not always be convenient."

Upon conclusion, the woman of faith and grandmother of 12 invoked a poignant story about a teacher who changed one man's life when he was still a young boy. Because of the love and mercy the teacher had shown him during his time of trouble,  the  boy grew into a man who made a positive impact on hundreds of others. The moral of course, is that one person can make a difference.


Monica Crowley 

Monica Crowley is of course best known for her role as a Fox News analyst. The author of a new book, "What The Bleep Just Happened," spoke about how conservatives are the "great, silent majority."

"We are sending a huge message today," she began.

"That the great, silent majority is still great, and is no longer silent," she added to a deafening round of applause.

Crowley invoked presidents Lincoln and Washington, both of whom were humble beyond what most would ever imagine, given the stature each ultimately attained. They were "humble servants of God," Crowley observed. Through that, they overcame doubts and "human limitations" in order to "defend the greatest nation the world has ever known." And while they may have been riddled with self-doubt, Crowley noted the irony that no one in Washington today seems to have any doubts at all.

She said that Americans need to restore faith, service, love and devotion to God.

"When you realize he [God] is in control and his shoulders are bigger than yours --  if and when you get to that point -- that is when true humility, faith and love come in."

Crowley, who also served on former President Richard Nixon's staff during the last four years of his life, shared an anecdote about the president, who only prayed in extreme times of turmoil and personal need. The message Crowley hoped to deliver was that people must pray and show their devotion to God all of the time, not just when trouble arises.


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