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Beck to Unveil 'The Biggest Movement in American History' Weekend of September 12th


While at Restoring Love, Glenn Beck announced that during an event slated to take place in Ohio the week of September 12th, he will kick-off "the biggest movement" in American history in the last three decades.

“We made an announcement on Saturday.  Ohio, the week of 9/12, we are kicking off what I believe will be the biggest movement in American history in the last probably 30 years,” Glenn said.

“Make sure that you take that weekend of 9/12.  I think 9/12 is on a Wednesday.  That following weekend we’ll be in Ohio.  Just circle it on your calendar.  You know, if your kids are getting married, tell them, not that weekend.”

What does Glenn have planned? While the details have yet to be revealed, Beck promises that it will change the paradigm in America in terms of media, information and culture. Stay tuned for more information!

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