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Couple High on Bath Salts Reportedly Opens Fire After Calling 911 -- and a Pastor Steps in to Save the Day


"Just give me the guns."

Phillip (right) and Donna (left) Wells

Chaos ensued after Donna, 49, and Phillip Walls, 50, a Gaston County North Carolina couple, found themselves high on bath salts, a synthetic drug that has been making headlines over the past few months. Yesterday, the two called the police, telling 911 operators that gang members were after them, then they allegedly proceeded to bring weapons outdoors and forced their way into a nearby pastor's home.

"There are people under our house," Donna told the 911 operator. "They were there yesterday and last night."

According to neighbors, after making the call, the two proceeded to go outside with a military bag filled with weapons. With children purportedly roaming about, Donna allegedly fired seven gunshots into the air. One neighbor claims that the two were very clearly convinced that people were, indeed, after them.

You can listen to part of the 911 call below:

After firing the shots, Donna and Phillip allegedly ran across the street and forced their way into Richard Robinson's home. Robinson, a pastor, said he knew the couple needed help when he saw them, so he proceeded -- despite admitting having some fear -- to disarm them.

"I was little afraid, don't get me wrong, but even in that state of mind, [Phillip] had enough presence to ask me to pray for him," Richard told WSOC-TV.

"You are in my house. You know you are safe. Ain't nobody gonna hurt you. Just give me the guns," the pastor told the couple.

As it turns out, the couple were former members at Robinson's church. The Gaston Gazette has more about how the incident unfolded:

The Robinsons are pastors at In Time Revival Worship Center in Bessemer City, and Richard Robinson said he talked the Walls into surrendering their weapons after his wife fled their home in fear.

Donna Jean Walls ultimately laid a handgun she was brandishing on the Robinson’s kitchen table, Richard Robinson said. A portrait of Jesus at the Last Supper hangs above.

Phillip Walls, dressed in camouflage, also surrendered his weapons. The pastor said he confiscated the weapons until police arrived.

The two were, of course, arrested and spent a night in the hospital before heading to jail. This wasn't their first encounter with the police and officers were apparently aware of their purported history of abusing bath salts.

(H/T: NY Daily News)

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