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Signs point to good things for Romney (and by signs we mean actual SIGNS)


The endless polling data fed to us each day seems to support the popular thinking that the upcoming Presidential election is still a toss up. However, signs are pointing to a shift in the minds of the voting public.

And by signs, we mean real signs -- the large displays posted for the public to see.

This one came to us from a 9/12 member who saw it in the window of a store in Portland, Oregon.

Allegedly, some of the very liberal-minded locals tried to get the sign removed. It's reportedly still on display.

And this sign, from Georgia, was sent our way by Urban Infidel.

Isolated incident? Apparently not. This one from Maine.

Have you spotted signs like this in your town?  Please take a photo and send it here ( If we like it, we'll post it.

H/T Urban Infidel and Moonbattery

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