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Another Photographer Sneakily Snaps a Couple's Magic Moment -- And This Time We Find Out Who the Couple Is


"It's pretty priceless."

Joel Bush proposes to Jen in Austin, Texas. Photographer Patrick Lu just happened to catch the action. (Photo: Patrick Lu via Mashable)

Last month, we brought you the intimate image captured by a roaming photographer in Washington, D.C., of an unidentified couple who seemed to have just gotten engaged. Although it was later revealed they were already engaged -- only practicing their vows in the secluded Washington War Memorial and asking their identity not be revealed -- it seems to have become a trend for photographers to snap engagements when they stumble upon them on these summer nights.

Patrick Lu is the latest of the them. According to Mashable, Lu was wandering around the capital building in Austin, Texas, when he saw the proposal from start to finish. He took photos and posted them on the Reddit in his effort to identify the couple.

The groom-to-be spotted the post via a friend:

“The thread found me through friends,” Bush tells Mashable. He’s active in the Austin tech meetup scene through a site called The Regulars. He’s also the co-founder of an on-demand ecommerce startup called Amplifier. “I’m not surprised it found me.”

Bush says the candid photo allowed the best of both worlds. “We experienced that magic on its own terms, with no thought about posing or anything. And, because the photographer did such an awesome job, we also have that precise moment and her beautiful reaction captured for safekeeping. It’s pretty priceless.”

Mashable reports that Lu will be providing Bush with the full resolution images. Bush expects his new fiance will frame them.

As Mashable puts it, this is yet another "tale of serendipity for the Internet age."

(H/T: Business Insider)

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