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Couple Behind Magical War Memorial Pic Speaks Out: 'It Wasn't a Proposal


"...happened to catch the couple acting as if they were reciting their vows in the middle of the memorial..."

The couple in this viral photograph have issued a statement saying they would like their identity to remain private. (Photo: Angila Golik)

The Blaze recently brought you the viral photograph of a couple that appeared to have just gotten engaged at the Washington War Memorial in Washington, D.C. The photographer, Angila Golik, brought the tender moment to the Internet in her quest to identify the couple and deliver the images.

On Monday, we wondered how long it would take social and traditional media to help to bring the couple forward. Well, it only took about a day, but their identity still remains a secret. The Today Show featured Golik and reported a statement Tuesday made through the Air Force on behalf of the couple, who wished to remain unidentified and private.

Air Force Lt. Colonel Ann Knabe said that the couple was "delighted that this intimate moment at the War Memorial has brought warmth and inspiration to many hearts." But as many were assuming that the scene was that of a proposal, Knabe said "The Air Force member was not proposing to his fiancée...at least not for the first time, as they had become engaged two weeks prior to these photos."

Knabe elaborated that the couple was seeking out locations for their actual marriage ceremony at the time the photograph was taken.

"The photographer happened to catch the couple acting as if they were reciting their vows in the middle of the memorial and re-living their sweet moment from two weeks prior," Knabe continued. "Though this was in a public place, the couple asks for their privacy to be respected, so that they can plan their wedding out of the public eye."

As for Golik's search, Today reports she is happy the case is closed.

“I actually have a quite busy life I need to get back to," Golik told Today.

Watch Golik on the show before the Air Force released its statement:

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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