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Sikh Temple Shooter's Girlfriend Arrested After Police Discover Gun in Her Home


"Charges will be sought through the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office."

Authorities are continuing to seek information about Wade Michael Page, the gunman allegedly responsible for Sunday's Sikh temple rampage in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. In the case's latest development, police arrested Misty Cook, Page's former girlfriend. While it is not currently suspected that she was involved in the shooting, authorities claim they found a gun in her home.

Cook, 31, a current nursing student who is also a convicted felon, was detained on the grounds that her past legal problems prevent her from legally being able to own a firearm. In 2002, she was convicted of fleeing a traffic officer, Good Morning America reports.

"In a joint investigation with the FBI, the South Milwaukee Police Department has arrested Misty Cook on the crime of felon in possession of a firearm," a press release from local police read. "Charges will be sought through the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office."

While Cook has purportedly violated the law through gun ownership, there's no doubt that authorities will also be seeking further information from her about Page. Some sources have claimed that Page and Cook's relationship fell apart leading up to the shooting and that she may hold key facts and details that can help police reach important conclusions in the case. The two lived together until June, at which point Page moved out of their home.

Like her ex-boyfriend, Cook is said to have had interaction and relations with white supremacist groups. According to the Anti-Defamation League, she was a part of at least two neo-Nazi groups; she was apparently active in Crew 38, the women's arm of Hammerskin Nation, a group that Page was also involved with.

On Tuesday, The Los Angeles Times reports that Cook sent a statement to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel asking for privacy and saying that she cannot currently comment on the situation.

"If I could say something to ease the pain of the victims and their families, I would gladly do so," the statement read. "Unfortunately, words do not begin to heal the pain they are going through."

(H/T: Good Morning America)



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