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Real News From The Blaze:' A New Lost Decade?


Many economists are saying that Euro-zone is heading back into a recession, leading nations like Finland to develop contingency plans for the eventual breakup of the Eurozone. Some commentators have now begun to draw parallels between Europe and the U.S., and the lost decade that Japan saw in the 1990's. A report from The Wall Street Journal Thursday shows the similarities between Japan's lost decade and the past 5 years here in the U.S.:

It took almost five years from the start of problems in the real estate market in the late 1980s for a full fledged banking crisis to develop, with the collapse of Hyogo Bank and several large credit cooperatives collapsed in the summer of 1995. But as you can see, five year yields had moved a lot lower — to below 3% — five years after they peaked.

Still, they’re nowhere near where U.S. rates are right now. In this respect, U.S. yields five years after the first signs of the crisis look even more Japanese than Japan’s five years after the crisis first flared.

Are Europe and the US on the path to a new lost decade? Watch Will Cain, Matt McCall and the rest of the "Real News" panel Friday try to decipher the similarities and differences between the paths America and Europe are headed, and the direction Japan went in the 1990s:

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