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Beck on Churchill's Place in the Oval Office: 'We'll Need Him Again Soon


"He was not a man who suffered fools."

On Wednesday evening's broadcast, Glenn Beck dedicated his Oval Office speech to examining Sir Winston Churchill's rightful place in the Highest Office in the land.

"He was not a man who suffered fools," Beck stated of America's staunch war and peacetime ally.

"And he had a long memory for his enemies. He had a tenacious loyalty to the truth. And an unyielding faith in the tide of history. He believed that freedom was the desire of all mankind. But that freedom would have to be defended in every generation."

Those enemies of course were Fascist and Communists, but the point Beck hoped to convey is that today, our enemies are just as real and just as looming. He added that those who don't think those enemies "threaten us in our homes and our streets" likely care none too much for Churchill or his words and deeds. It seems, Obama might just be one of those people:


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