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We're About to Cure Cancer' if We Don't 'Blow it': Beck Warns What Could Happen if Americans Give Away Their 'Creative Power


On Wednesday evening, Glenn Beck marveled at American exceptionalism as manifest by the myriad technological advances in products, medical treatment, space travel, products and services the nation produces. "We're about to cure cancer," he announced, adding that Americans are "on the cusp" of such greatness but "could blow it" if we chose to "settle for crumbs...and give away our creative power."

The concern for many conservatives is that if the environment becomes to hostile, void of incentives and burdened by mounting tax burdens and regulations, Americas creators dry up and whither away.

Beck said that a "better tomorrow is coming" but that "regardless of what happens November 6th, things will get tougher before they get better."

he touched on a variety of issues throughout the segment, including a review of his new home state, which he believes is allowing creators the freedom to do what they do best.

The clip, while a bit lengthy at just over 26 minutes, contains valuable insight and is worth watching in its entirety:

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