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Eye-Popping Video: Woman Holding Child Walks Off Platform and Falls Onto Subway Tracks

(Image via MyFoxBoston)

A 37-year-old woman and her 4-year-old son are uninjured after falling directly onto Boston subway tracks, thanks to the quick action taken by bystanders.

The mother was not paying attention to where she was walking while holding her son and stepped right off the edge of the platform onto the tracks. Surveillance video shows that as soon as witnesses saw what happened they too jumped down to help the mother and son out.

Watch the MyFoxBoston report with footage of the scene:

MyFoxBoston reports the woman, Meera Thakrar, told the MTBA Red Line inspector she had been looking at the train sitting at the further platform and thought it was the train on her side that she was to board.

MTBA thanked the bystanders for their quick action to help the pair but noted a preferred response would have been to alert MTBA staff who could shut off the third rail, which is electrified.

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