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Stephen Baldwin Unloads on Obama in Will Cain/S.E. Cupp Interview: 'Slimeball


"Who would ever imagine that...maybe America's going to end up like Greece?"

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Blaze contributors Will Cain and S.E. Cupp have been hosting a daily convention radio program from 11:00-12:00 ET on SiriusXM-- Sirius Ch123 and XM Ch142 -- and today the two interviewed the youngest of the Baldwin brothers. And he didn't hold back when it came to President Obama.

More conservative than his siblings, the actor began by saying he's a "big time...man of faith," before launching into a discussion of the president, religion, and economics.

"Listen, I think Barack Obama's a slimeball, and you can already start to see, you know, that there's whispers about what the discussion's going to be leading up to the election about Mr. Romney's faith, and this and that.  And you can say all different kinds of things about everybody's faith-- I think that anybody [who is] foolish enough to open that can of worms, and start going there with all that stuff is just dumb," Baldwin began.

The actor continued: "I think what's most important is, the people of America don't understand the danger of where America is financially.  If we don't correct where we're at financially really fast-- and I don't say this in a pompous way-- but who would ever imagine that...maybe America's going to end up like Greece?"

He concluded, referencing NJ Gov. Chris Christie's RNC speech: "The people of America are not the type of people that are going to sit there with blinders on their eyes and go, '...we don't care.'

Listen to the interview, below:



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