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Top Obama Aide Stephanie Cutter: Republicans 'Think Lying Is a Virtue


"They really think that lying is a virtue...I think the American people disagree with that"

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Obama's deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter said Sunday that Republicans think "lying is a virtue" while discussing the recent GOP convention.

“It was a week of personal attacks, empty platitudes, [where] the one thing that you were left with is they really think that lying is a virtue...I think the American people disagree with that," she remarked on CBS' "Face the Nation."

When host Bob Schieffer asked whether she really believes Republicans are "just a bunch of liars," Cutter responded: “Well, I heard a lot of things that weren't true last week. I think we can all agree with that. I think we can all agree that, you know, they blamed the president for not -- for closing an auto plant in Janesville, Wisconsin that closed under President Bush.”

Watch her entire remarks, via CBS, below:

Stephanie Cutter is one of the woman behind the president's "truth teams" which, according to Jake Tapper, conflate "smears with criticisms" and are not necessarily the most effective away of spreading the "truth."

Former New Hampshire governor and Romney-supporter John Sununu has also flatly accused Cutter of being a liar regarding Barack Obama's economic achievements.

In late August, he remarked: “And I think this morning, when Stephanie Cutter went on one of the morning shows and said that President Obama in the last two and a half years has created more jobs than Ronald Reagan in his recovery shows you how they lie. L-I-E, lie.”

The Romney campaign responded critically to Cutter's assertion, noting another instance where she displayed questionable moral habits.

The Hill relates:

“It is laughably ridiculous that President Obama is deploying a campaign aide who has been caught lying about her involvement with the false and discredited attacks launched by President Obama’s SuperPAC to lecture people about the truth,” said the Romney camp in a statement, referencing Cutter’s claims that she did not know the facts of a Priorities USA video last month which linked Romney to the death of a woman from cancer."

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