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Bachmann calls on Obama to cancel Beyonce fundraiser


Speaking at the Values Voter Summit today, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), called on President Obama to cancel his upcoming fundraiser with Beyonce and Jay-Z. Obama should meet with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instead, she said.

Conservatives criticized the Obama administration earlier this week for saying that the president's schedule doesn't allow for him to meet with Netanyahu later this month. The prime minister's office had requested a meeting with Obama.

Obama is scheduled to be on the Late Show and host a fundraiser with performers Beyonce and Jay-Z on Sept. 18

"He should cancel his appearance on Letterman, his meeting with Beyonce, his meeting with Jay-Z," Bachmann said to applause from the audience.

Other bits from Bachmann's speech:

--Regarding the GOP's so-called "war on women," Bachmann said it "has about as much reliability and truth to it as Bill Clinton's arithmetic."

--She said the Obama administration has displayed "weakness and lack of resolve to the world" in wake of the Libya incident.

--She said Democrats had "a little trouble" at the party convention last week acknowledging Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

--Bachmann refered to U.S. foreign aid to Egypt as a "tax payer gravy train." (The Obama administration said yesterday it does not plan on suspending aid to Egypt.)

--She said "we lay it on the line" heading into the presidential election. "Barack Obama has been the most dangerous president we've ever had..." she said.

--Bachmann closed her speech, saying "God bless us." A woman in the audience yelled out "God forgive us."


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