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Hilarious': Glenn Beck Delivers With Encore Performance of 'Unelectable 2


"Your job is to be where God has asked you to be, even if you don't understand it."

Did you miss Glenn Beck's live stage show? You can still catch the encore of "Unelectable" 2012 in movie theaters across the country on September 25th! Details HERE.

Glenn Beck hit the stage at the Majestic Theatre in San Antonio on Thursday for the encore performance of his mock-presidential debate comedy tour "Unelectable 2." In addition to the hundreds of people who saw it in person, numerous HD movie theaters across the country screened the live event.

"It's not yes we can, yes we will. It's yes I can. Yes I will," Beck said during the show, speaking about conservatism and personal responsibility. He also said it's not the government that creates jobs, it has to "get out of the way" of the real job creators, Americans.

"Your job is to be where God has asked you to be, even if you don't understand it," he told the audience and people in theaters across the country.

TheBlaze's Eddie Scarry was on-site at one of those theaters in Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C.

He said it was interesting to hear fellow movie-goers talking about the Constitution and the United States of America before the show began -- not exactly your typical movie theater chatter. However, all the talking ceased as soon as the lights in the auditorium dimmed and Glenn Beck appeared on the screen, prompting applause from the audience.

Following the show, TheBlaze talked to a couple members of the audience to get their reactions.

"I liked the history aspect, the stories about George Washington and Thomas Pain," said Charles Repine, who works at the U.S. State Department and is a Beck fan.

If there's one thing that is never missing from a Beck performance, it's U.S. history.

Repine's buddy, Jeremy Mack, tagged along to see the show, though he admitted he was not as familiar with Beck's gigantic body of work. Mack, who works in sales at a green technologies company, said he genuinely "enjoyed the show," but his favorite part of the performance wasn't Beck, it was TheBlazeTV's Brian Sack's impersonation of President Barack Obama.

"That was hilarious. He got the cadence and the personality just spot on," he said.

Just to give you an idea, here's a clip from the March 23 "Unelectable 2" show in Tampa, Fla.:

TheBlaze was on the scene and snapped some behind the scenes pictures -- here's a taste of what it was like at "Unelectable 2":

While it was a night of comedy in theaters across the nation, Beck ended the night with an emotional monologue imploring the audience to take action and secure the future of the country. He also told the emotional story of his son's birthday night out, and left viewers with a few simple words that never lose their truth, "just be you."

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