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The Interview With an iPhone 5 Buyer That's So Mind-Numbing You'll Think It's Staged


Let's start this article off by saying the man behind the interview you're about to see swears it's not staged. That's important.

Why is that important? Because the interview is so incredible you'll think it was. How is it incredible? Let's just say it's not evident if the woman seen waiting in line recently outside a NYC Apple store really understands what she's doing, why she's doing it, and what exactly an iPhone is -- let alone what the Internet is. But alas, the video below picks up as a woman named "Rachel" has been waiting for two days to buy an iPhone 5. By the end of the conversation we know she doesn't like the Internet, she begins calling the phone an "Apple 5," and that she's not afraid to put a lot of money on her credit card.

We could explain more, but it's really best to just let you watch:

The interviewer, Sam Roberts, works for the popular "Opie and Anthony Show." And the YouTube video description says, "This woman is not a plant, she is a real person, and she is brilliant." But the question remains: Do you believe that?

We just have to ask:

(H/T: Daily What)

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