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Check Out This Illegal Immigrant's Outrageous Disguise to Cross the Spanish Border


The Civil Guard emphasized the "originality" of the camouflage

(Photo via the Daily Mail)

An illegal immigrant who says he is from Guinea was caught trying to sneak from Morocco into Spain camouflaged as, of all things, an automobile seat.

The men who escorted him apparently hollowed out the inside of the passenger seat, put him inside, covered him up...and then sat on him.

Fox News Latino relates:

Two other people were riding inside the car - the driver and a companion - and the latter was sitting on the double bottom prepared to hide the immigrant, the Civil Guard said Monday in a communique.

When police began searching the car, they noticed movement under the seat cover that could be a hidden person.

The Civil Guard emphasized the "originality" of the camouflage.

Here's what the empty shell looked like:

Commenters have jokingly said "A for effort," but that it's little wonder why he squirmed with all that weight on him.

Authorities say the man is roughly twenty years old, and that he was taken into custody and expelled from the country.

The two men who helped him, both Moroccan, are also reportedly also in their early 20s.  They were turned over to the authorities, and still have to appear in court.

Apparently Spain's Civil Guard has caught 14 vehicles just this year with people surreptitiously hidden inside-- could this be a new trend?

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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