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Here Are the iPhone 5's Three Biggest Problems (And How to Fix Them)


"works like a charm."

The highly anticipated iPhone 5, which had more than 5 million sold within three days of being launched, has been rife with problems. Some of them can be fixed while others can't.

Siobhan Keogh for New Zealand's Stuff reviewed the device recently calling it the "most flawed iPhone in several generations."

TheBlaze pulled together some of the three issues people have been having with their new Apple smartphones -- and if there's a fix, we've included it.

  • Map Mixup: Scores of iPhone 5 users have voiced complaints over Apple's new mobile mapping service. Even Apple CEO Tim Cook said the project "fell short" of the company's standards. Cook advised users to find another map service until Apple makes the necessary upgrades. Apple's map service replaced Google maps on Apple devices in a software update last month. Cook said he was "extremely sorry" and expects upgrades to be available within the month.

  • Data-Draining Bug: Many iPhone users were going through all their data limits at an alarming rate when connected to Wi-Fi, they found. Verizon users experiencing the data-draining bug were issued an update from Apple and will not be charged for the excess data by Verizon, CNN reported. CNN goes on to note some AT&T customers made similar complaints as well. Some are even saying that the bug is not necessarily associated with iPhone 5 but with the new iOS6 system as a whole. TheBlaze's Mike Opelka has experienced an issue with the system dropping Wi-Fi and has a non-Apple approved fix given to him by a tech "geek." Opelka said the solution is to turn off the AUTO TIME SET function, set the clock ahead an hour. Then, shut down the device completely, restart and turn on the AUTO TIME SET. He said this "works like a charm."
  • Camera Problems: Seeing the color purple while using your iPhone 5's camera? It's called the purple flare problem, according to Gizmodo. Apple has said that is a normal function of the iPhone 5. In a response to a user regarding the odd coloration, Apple advises he simply angle his phone's camera away from bright lights when snapping shots.

Interestingly, Gizmodo in a separate post has also found iPhone 5 users complaining about the device being "too light" in terms of weight for their taste.

On the bright side, some have said the iPhone 5 could be one of the most durable devices. Although some have already shattered the glass faces of their new smartphones, others have conducted tests and found it holds up pretty well to abuse. 9to5Mac has pulled together videos of some of these tests. Although some of them are extreme and almost guaranteed to damage the phone, such as dunking, hammering, shooting, the most applicable test -- a drop test -- does provide some valuable information.

This video shows the phone holding up to a hardwood floor when at waist and head height and concrete when dropped at waist level. The screen does break on concrete when dropped from head height.

Let us know in the comments if you have more problems/solutions for the iPhone 5.


The Associated Press contribute to this report. 

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